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About Us


Génidrone's mission is to provide an aerial data acquisition service using lightweight, professional, safe aerial vehicles. The drones team of Quebec city uses its scientific expertise to offer solutions that are adjusted to your needs, at competitive prices.

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Génidrone’s vision is to go beyond what the eye can see. Drones offer vast and, so far, unexplored potential. Génidrone’s aim is to become the leader in the development of new solutions, in collaboration with research centres, and to be at the forefront of current markets.

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GENIDRONE: A professional,
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Why Choose Us

Choosing an agency can be difficult. Let us convince you to choose us!


Our team has a vast amount of expertise in geomatics, surveying, inspection, geomorphology, forestry, geography, photography and video. Our pilots and operators have levels of training and experience that exceed Transport Canada’s procedural requirements.


Thanks to its structured, methodical expertise, the team is able to assess the needs associated with each individual situation and adjust its services and products accordingly. A project’s feasibility is rigorously assessed before a proposal is made, to ensure that constraints can be overcome and success factors can be met.


Safety is a priority for Génidrone. For its flight operations, for example, Génidrone has chosen to use good quality aerial vehicles, approved by Transport Canada. Most of the drones we use are European and hold multiple safety certifications (S1, S2 and S3). The electric motors that drive them make very little noise and produce no pollutant emissions.

Our team

Maude PelletierMaude Pelletier

Executive director
Vincent RicardVincent Ricard

Operations manager
Forest Engineer
Véronique PatoineVéronique Patoine

LiDar specialist | Sale representative
B. Eng. Geomatics
Stéphanie St-PierreStéphanie St-Pierre

Photogrammetry and GIS specialist
B. Eng. Geomatics
Mathieu BeaudryMathieu Beaudry

Technician | UAV operator
Tech. Analyst-programmer


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