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LIDARQuebec, Canada

The LIDAR systems we use have multi-echo laser scanners, allowing us to calculate the geographic position (x,y,z) of landscape elements to the nearest centimetre. By using echoes, we are able to capture multiple data from the same survey: for example, canopy, trunk and tree height and ground elevation.


  • Simple, quick, accurate classification of all landscape elements
  • Precision surveying even under dense vegetation cover (topometry, volumetry, digitization, segmentation and calculation of measurements and distances)
  • Automatic vegetation classification and dendrometry
  • Biomass reserve estimates with a high confidence index
  • Data capture even in low-light and low-contrast conditions
LiDar Quebec, Drone Mining aerial imaging


LiDar Quebec, Drone aerial imaging Hydro-electricity


LiDar Canada, Drone aerial imaging Topometry