Our sensors provide superior contrast and resolution, so that rendering details can easily be enlarged. This capability is essential for the detection of infrastructure anomalies. A combination of 3D modelling and thermographics is used to pinpoint defects and leaks in infrastructures.

Thermal data are captured and analyzed by a thermographics inspector with level II certification from the ITC (Infrared Training Center). The ITC is Canada’s largest training organization, and has ISO-9001, NETA, IICRC and ASNT SNT-TC-1A certification.

Types of inspection

  • Industrial and commercial
  • Maritime (port, ship, cargo)
  • Railroads
  • Solar panels (photovoltaic cells)
  • Wind turbines (internal blades)
  • Hydro-electricity transmission lines
Drone imaging Maritime inspection

Maritime inspection

Drone Hydro-electricity transmission lines Inspection

Hydro-electricity transmission lines

Drone Wind turbines Inspection

Wind turbines