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Integrated solutions, an expert team, training adapted to your industry and needs, technical support and ongoing help, and knowledge of your assets.

Theoretical Package - DRONES

  • Aerial drone regulations (Transport Canada)
  • Airspace
  • Flight theory for multicopters and fixed-wing copters
  • Drone equipment and parts
  • Atmospheric factors and aviation meteorology
  • Risk management
  • Restricted radio operator certificate
  • Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) and NOTAM

Theoretical Package - SOFTWARE

  • Mission Planner and/or Microkopter
  • Agisoft PhotoScan
  • TerraSolid
  • Terra Solid
    Terrasolid is an internationally recognized software for the processing of point clouds and aerial images obtained via aircraft and mobile LiDar system. Using the Bentley or Microstation CAD software platform, Terrasolid offers varied and efficient tools for visualization, analysis, vectorization and classification. Several additional modules are used to calibrate and spatially correct LiDar data and to produce digital elevation models and orthophotos for point cloud colorization.

    Possible treatments
    • Correction and calibration of laser data points
    • LiDar data classification
    • Production of orthorectified images
    • LiDar data colorization
    • Surface modelling and contour lines creation
    • 2D/3D mapping
    • 3D feature extraction

This package provides information on the principal functions of the main flight planning and image processing applications. The number of hours required for software training will depend on your current knowledge.

Practical Package - DRONES

  • Home flight simulation
  • Land operations protocol
  • Flight technique with obstacles
  • Guidance technique
  • Real case simulations
  • Crisis management
  • Reflex development

The practical training session DRONES is given by qualified, certified instructors who are also able to provide information on maintenance protocols and potential repairs to your drones. Our instructors’ experience and training exceeds Transport Canada’s requirements.

Drone training


Drone training
Drone training