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Surveying – Geodesy

We use 2D and/or 3D site reconstitution to produce topographic plans and elevation models, draw contour lines and calculate critical time indicators to guide the use of mitigation methods.

Every member of our analysis and processing team has a university-level education. Thanks to our knowledge and professional experience in the areas of geomorphology, forestry and photointerpretation, we are able to offer our customers a competitive rendering.


  • Precision surveying
  • Topometry, volumetry and contour lines
  • Geo-referenced orthophotos
  • Digital elevation models (DTM and DSM)
  • 3D modelling (photogrammetry and laser scan)
  • Site supervision
  • Analysis of results
LiDar (classification)

LiDar (classification)

Surveying – Geodesy Drone imaging Mapping


Civil Engineering Drone imaging Site supervision

Site supervision